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 The Plot
The Demon Doors
 Posted: Jul 22 2015, 09:01 PM
And they lived happily ever after. With little to no cannibalism.
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They call it Year Zero. The year that Albion almost fell and was wiped from existence. The year a creature called The Darkness came to Albion intending to destroy it. The new queen of Albion gathered an army and went to war. Albionites call it the Battle for Albion. The kingdom was saved, but at a very steep price. The capital was destroyed and countless lives were lost. To combat the decimation of Albion's population, blind seeress Theresa cast a spell to bring people to Albion in the hopes of restoring the once-great kingdom. No one expected it to work exactly as it did...

As clean-up and restorations on Bowerstone began, Theresa's spell finally came to fruition. One month post-battle, Linden Silvanus was thrown into Albion. During that first month, many strange portals opened and threw humans out, these displaced individuals coming from lands unlike anything known to Albion scholars. They reported being from various far worlds with names unheard of in the land. Lands such as Panem, London, Cardiff, Miami, Toronto, Gotham. As was to be expected from a nation that had just faced a threat that had almost wiped it from existence, citizens were suspicious and even fearful of these newcomers.

Year One. Thanks to the efforts of Albionites and Displaced alike, Bowerstone has been restored to its former glory, and the kingdom has seen a baby boom post-war. For an entire year displaced citizens from other worlds have been coming into Albion. Most have helped the kingdom, taking on prominent positions within the community to better Albion; however some bad apples have slipped through and there is quiet unrest as rumours surface that one displaced is gathering recruits to topple the crown.

This is where our story begins (as of May 2016). Our year is fluid, and it is up to the player whether they play their characters from Year One-and-two-months or Year One-and-nine-months or whatever. The year will change over each May, as that is when our forum was established and it is easiest to roll over then, instead of picking a specific story-month.

Lost Before The Dawn is a steampunk multifandom rp set in the world of Albion from the franchise Fable (though no actual experience is needed with any of the games). Characters from pretty much every fandom are welcome, and they arrive in Albion by being ripped out of their own world and getting dumped out of a portal in a random town of the player's choosing. Magic is allowed to be used by the Queen of Albion, by Blind Seeress Theresa, and canons that come from worlds where magic is used (such as Harry Potter). However magic is feared amongst Albionites so magic users are expected to keep their powers under wraps when out and about.

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