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Alias: McKenzie
Age: Twenty-nine
Occupation: Captain of the Albion Guard
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Relationship Status: Loving Stella Beck
Quote: Oh, misty eye of the mountain below, keep careful watch of my brothers' souls, and should the sky be filled with fire and smoke, keep watching over Durin's sons. If this is to end in fire, then we should all burn together, watch the flames climb high into the night. Calling out, father, oh, stand by and we will watch the flames burn auburn on the mountainside. And if we should die tonight, then we should all die together, raise a glass of wine for the last time. Calling out, father, oh, prepare as we will watch the flames burn auburn on the mountainside. Desolation comes upon the sky. Now I see fire inside the mountain. I see fire burning the trees. And I see fire hollowing souls. I see fire, blood in the breeze, and I hope that you remember me.
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Ben Finn

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Sep 30 2016, 09:18 AM
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Honestly, Ben had mixed emotions about returning to Aurora. He'd done it once when he'd taken his brief leave from the Guard, and that was mainly because he knew he didn't favor a return to the cursed deserts. His logic had been 'conquer your fear,' not that he'd ever admit that he held some of such an emotion back in his reserves of emotions and memories. It was an extremely lost cause on him. The empty desert would forever feel sinister and foreboding to him, and there was nothing he'd ever be able to do to change it, no matter how hard he tried.<p>

Granted, the Aurorans were nice enough people. They'd seen so much of unthinkable death and destruction, but they'd still survived. That was a good a reason as any to try to swallow whatever unsettled memories he was still sitting on, even with all the time that had already past since... Well, he didn't even want to go there.<p>

The male let out a heavy sigh, shaking his head to clear it of such thoughts. Dwelling on the damn thing wasn't going to change the fact that he had willingly agreed to accompany Stella on this little trip to where it had practically all really started. If he was honest with himself, it was just as much for his personal reasons as it was as a need and want to protect her and be there for her should something happen in the land that was as unforgiving as it got. He knew she was a strong woman and that she was definitely capable of handling and taking care of herself, but... he still wanted to be there for her, just in case. So much had happened, and Ben hadn't been able to wrestle away his concern for her, although he'd masked it enough to simply agree to go with her with no mention of why he accepted. She hadn't asked, and he didn't see any reason for her to really do such a thing, so he hadn't put her through his complicated list, even though it was comparatively small, of reasons for tagging along.<p>

Aurora was a place that really put personal demons into perspective. He had actually considered that as a potential reason for why even the thought of actually going there agitated him and got under his skin. It wasn't even so much that it was old personal demons... It was more so the ones he felt like he'd met there. He knew it was a crazy thing to even think, because what had he done there that would've made him have such demons? Quite frankly, he couldn't put his finger on it. He had a few guesses as to what was potentially bothering him, but anyone would tell him that those things were no reason to feel guilty. There was nothing he could've done to change the outcome of what they'd all experienced in Aurora, but there was some form of regret there either way. The only thing left to do about it was figure out why it was there and try to find some way to accept it or manage it. There was no fixing the past, after all, and there were just some wounds that couldn't be mended. Aurora definitely had the tendency to be the place he believed one could get many of them.<p><hr><p>

notes: and continue this thread, we shall! xD


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Jul 30 2015, 03:10 PM
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<table><td><div class="app-bar"></div></td><td><div class="app-title">Benjamin Finn</div></td></table>
<div style="overflow: auto; height: 385px; margin-top: 5px;">The youngest of four children, Benjamin Finn was born in the small hamlet known as Gunk to shop-keeping parents who often struggled to fully support their children, leaving Ben and his brothers, Jason, the oldest, William, and Quentin, to often having to find their own means of money and entertainment.<p>

His brothers mainly did this through pickpocketing, which was something Ben could never quite catch onto, likely partially caused by his recognition of the immorality of the trade, even at the age of eight. Instead, Ben opted to act as a street performer, telling crude jokes and often falling over in work that would've been honest had his brothers not taken to robbing the distracted villagers blind.<p>

But because of his help in getting them their less-than-honest earnings, Ben's brothers bought him a pellet gun for his eleventh birthday, something Ben saw as the greatest gift he'd ever received. With this gift, Ben discovered his talent in accuracy, which his brothers soon put to use by setting a small booth in which they challenged any and all comers to pit their skills against their brother's. After besting the locals, they soon had to rely on traders, passers-by, and a few visiting townsfolk from neighboring villages, which, of course, didn't always go in their favor because of the local authorities.<p>

Unlike his brothers, who often quickly spent or gambled away their earnings, Ben saved everything he earned. He had a passionate wanderlust and drive to explore the rest of the kingdom, like adventurers he read about in cheap pamphlets and story books. He wanted to meet Heroes, even though their days were evidently quite past with their aging ruler as the last of them.<p>

He was fifteen when this Hero finally passed, and that passing would serve as a marker for a series of misfortunes to fall upon his family. Jason, his oldest brother, was killed in a duel with an irate farmer, who happened to be the husband of his latest sexual conquest. Jason hadn't done an honest day's work in his life, and therefore made the fatal mistake of holding his pitchfork, the object which him and the farmer were dueling with, the wrong way. Ben's second oldest brother, William, was then arrested for trying to run a con game on the wrong person, a passing plain-clothed town guard, and was taken to Bowerstone, never to be heard from again. Finally, Ben's third brother, Quentin, managed to accumulate a debt from gambling enough that a price was put on his head. Quentin's death is the one Ben remembers most clearly, as he had the misfortune to witness it. He did what he could to protect his older brother, but he had never been able to afford a real rifle, which left him shooting at the assassins and bounty hunters that came to collect with peas.<p>

Ben's mother died next, struck with grief over the deaths of her three oldest children. Behind her was Ben's father, drunk only when he could afford it since they were stricken with poverty, making it hard for the old man to drown his sorrows. Ben struggled to help his father with the shop, employing all of his wit and charm to become a persuasive salesmen, but there was little market for novelty toothbrushes in the small village such as the one Ben lived in. Soon enough, Ben's father also passed away, and it was with this final death that Ben resolved to leave Gunk for good, and seek out his future elsewhere, in Albion.<p>

Leaving his place of birth practically as penniless as he had entered it seventeen years prior, having to spend the little gold he'd managed to save through his youth on the successive funerals of his family members and paying off the debts of his brothers, he ended up spending time around the major cities, unable to pursue his dream of exploration. He picked up whatever jobs he could, stacking books at the Brightwall library, where he read as much as he could to learn as much as possible about the world and also spent time serving drinks at the Cow and Corset in Bowerstone, seeing as his comedy routine would get him nowhere among the more sophisticated crowds of the city. He eventually managed to put his skills with firearms to good use, becoming a bodyguard for travelling traders as they moved between towns.<p>

With this job taken up, he finally possessed a real rifle, and it felt as natural as could be to be using it against Hobbes, bandits, and other enemies that were attracted by the travelling trading caravans. His wages were also much improved doing this compared to his earlier jobs, and he soon had enough to finally pursue his dream.<p>

So off he set hunting treasure and taking on dangerous quests, just as the Heroes of old. Perhaps it was only natural then that it wasn't long before Ben fell in with a band of smugglers running out of Bowerstone port. From there, it was likely only a matter of time before he ended up in Bloodstone.<p>

That "matter of time" proved to be only a few short weeks and Ben quickly learned what pleasures lower societies could offer. His days were filled with drinking, gambling, and a long line of women he loved briefly, quickly, and... Well, you get the picture.<p>

For the record, he's quite embarrassed to recall all of such things, but it would prove to not quite be the end of his less-than-legal adventures in life. Heavily drunk, one night Ben boarded found himself in the company of thieves on a ship setting sail to lands beyond Albion, which was about the only part that Ben actually enjoyed - the chance to see different lands. Granted, the enjoyment of such experience was rather dampened by the fact that the locals weren't exactly happy with the looting and plundering of the crew and were more than happy to threaten the ship with some not-so-friendly looking implements as the crew set sail once more.<p>

The next time they docked in Bowerstone, the crew intending to sell their plundered goods on the black market, Ben departed, leaving that chapter behind him with only a few regrets and a collection of cuts, bruises, and remnants of the many adventures he had taken in the realm of love, but he met a man there that would prove to change Ben's life for the better by offering him a career where he could find a place to belong, a new family, and a lawfully earned wage.<p>

This career? Why, it was a career with the Albion Royal Guard, of course.<p>

During his service time, Ben was encouraged by his fellow officers and servicemen to write a book about his life after hearing him tell stories of his time before the Guard several times.<p>

Ben met Stella, then still the princess and before the Revolution, when she arrived along with Walter at Mourningwood Fort, where he had been stationed under Major Swift's command fighting the Hollow Legion that terrorized the area regularly (and still does). Together with her, Major Swift, Walter, and the other remaining soldiers, the Swift Brigade managed to defeat the Hollow Legion and agreed to help with the efforts to overthrow King Logan, Stella's older brother.<p>

Ben took part in efforts throughout the buildup to the first Battle for Albion, working with Page, another ally of Stella's and someone he came to consider as a friend, meeting with the two ladies just before they headed to Reaver's mansion in an attempt to rescue a few Revolution followers. He expressed the wish to go with them, but Page was quick to shut him down (just as she had expressed a disbelief in his story about killing three Hollow Men with one shot just a few moments prior), expressing that she didn't trust soldiers, save for Walter and Major Swift who had just left, and wasn't about to start with him, and again shut him down after she asked everyone to leave so she could change and Ben offered to stay with her to make sure she wasn't spied on. Ben then said, disappointed, that if he'd known he wouldn't be allowed to join them, he would've accompanied Swift and Walter.<p>

As it turned out, staying behind just might have saved his life. Gathered at Bowerstone Castle with Stella after the news that Logan had an important announcement to make, Ben was horrified to see that Logan had found out that Major Swift had been aiding the Revolution. Swfit was executed in front of the crowd. Ben, still horrified and then outraged, quickly gathered Stella and departed from the crowd to go tell the others. Back at the hideout for the Revolutionaries, Ben had managed to gather himself enough to tell the others, but was quick to disagree when Walter said Swift had died like "a true soldier," and argued that he had been "tortured, humiliated, and murdered," to which Walter pointed out that Swift hadn't given any information to Logan. Page also tried to console him, but, even after Walter and him revealed that Swift had managed to pass them a message directing them to head to Aurora to find more allies, Ben expressed that he still had something of "an overwhelming desire to shoot someone."<p>

To acquire a ship to sail to Aurora, Ben lead Stella through the sewers and alleys to get to a factory, fighting guards along the way to the docks, where he boarded a ship with her and Walter to head to Aurora.<p>

The trio is shipwrecked, but Ben was luckily discovered by Kalin, who took him in to the city of Aurora. He originally feared Stella and Walter to be dead, but eventually coaxed Kalin into sending out search parties to look for the lost duo. They managed to find Stella first and Ben was quick to assure her that he'd find Walter. Kalin and Ben took both back to Aurora once they had been found. Once both had recovered, Ben joined them and their other allies for the assault on Bowerstone Castle in the First Battle for Albion.<p>

When they had been successful and Logan was put on trial, Ben voiced the opinion that the former king deserved the same fate he had put upon Major Swift.<p>

He fought again at Stella's side in the Second Battle for Albion against the Darkness and the Crawler and joined Stella, kneeling at Walter's side after the old soldier had died in her arms, after she was forced to kill Walter herself in order to save Albion from the Darkness and rested his hand on her shoulder as he knelt with her. He later joined her and their other allies and friends at a small memorial service for Walter where he ordered a last gun salute for the fallen soldier after expressing that he wished to return to travelling again instead of taking over a role as general in Swift's wake.<p>

He pursued these measures for a brief while before he returned back to Bowerstone and asked for a few strings to be pulled so he could resume his old position within the Guard, having missed the sense of comradery and sense of belonging he had felt among his friends and the Guard.</div>

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