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 To Seek Out New Life, Pike + Aurora
Christopher Pike
 Posted: Sep 29 2016, 12:02 PM
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i have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night
Albion was an interesting world to say the least. The more time he spent here the more he realized just how ancient it was. From the slow transportation and communication, to a lack of cleanliness to his standards. Christopher had never expected just what he would miss from back home in the Federation. Every day things that he had taken for granted in his world. Even just the clean smell of the city back in San Francisco compared to that of Bowerstone. Particularly the Industrial Quarter, where he'd found himself a home protecting an orphanage. He missed the food from back home, he missed reliable lighting, effective temperature controls, even just the general feeling of the place that this just didn't live up to. Most of all he missed space. He missed the travel and exploration. The closest he could get to hear was to explore the continent which Albion sat on. It would have to do for now, but still he couldn't keep his eyes from wandering to the sky.

Pike had already been away from commanding a ship for a couple of years. That itself had been hard, coupled with the injury and then his death and torturous resurrection... all he truly had wanted was to get back in that chair. At least one more time. Fate had decided that it was not to be. Not with his Enterprise or any ship for that matter. Here in Albion the admiral just had to accept that. He would never see the depths of space again. He was stuck on the ground in a world that still used horses for vehicles. Maybe his distant descendants in centuries could see space but Christopher himself was out of luck. It was possible that this world would never see Starfleet, or that the Federation would never form. He'd never see the things he had loved so much for his life.

He'd taken the option of exploring Albion itself to satisfy his explorer mind. He'd heard of Driftwood, a small settlement across a series of little islands. A little known paradise that he had just happened to catch word of. The views are unmatched, said a patron of the bar he had visited a few nights ago, beautiful land and beautiful images of the night sky against expansive water. Pike's interest was grabbed and he insisted that the Albion native share how to get to this place. Chris, who had earned a bit of gold for assisting some overworked lawmen, gave the orphanage notice that he would be going for a vacation and manged to rent a little cottage on the shore. He'd only been in this world for a couple months. He'd settled okay all things considered into assisting the under funded facility. But he was still struggling emotionally and so he decided to put himself first for a bit. Time with beautiful scenes and no responsibilities would be of use for clearing his troubled mind.

He had settled into the little cottage early that afternoon. Without much in his possession it hadn't been a difficult trip from Bowerstone, just a bit long on his feet. Not that he had truly felt physical exhaustion since the experimentation. The admiral left the structure to walk along the shore, for the most part staring off across the water. There was an interesting dark structure in the distance, a tall pointed tower that reached into the clouds. It gave an eerie feeling, and a passing native had simply called it the Spire when noticing his examination of it, but otherwise hadn't provided much conversation. Whatever it was, the views of Driftwood were certainly things of beauty. Sunset would be worth the time traveling out here. Christopher sat himself down at the end of the little wooden dock that came off of his rented property for most of that afternoon. Ate lunch, attempted to read from a book which that Linden guy had shared with him that might help to understand Albion and it's history a little more. Simple quiet time alone that he had missed so much. A freedom that had been kept from him for quite some time.

He'd given up the book, setting it back behind him with an exhausted sigh. It felt as if no matter what he did he would never figure out this world. It wasn't like Starfleet research where he could simply go home... Chris looked to the sky, brushing his graying hair back as he considered just going back inside until the sun would start to set. Maybe a nap could clear this negative fog that had started to come back to him. His gaze was firmly on the clear blue sky when the bright light just appeared. Growing from a small white orb he thought was just his eyes playing tricks, it turned into the white swirling portal that he had heard described as the anomaly which had brought him and many others here. But he had not seen it before. With a look of awe he slowly lowered his hand from his hair and couldn't peel his eyes from the sight. It may have felt like a transporter for him when inside, but it didn't look like one. The portal above the water opened up to drop a figure at a fairly high rate of speed right into the water. Christopher sat up quickly, pushing himself up onto his feet to look over the water where the splash had shattered the quiet in the air.

They didn't come up. His gaze searched the surface for a few seconds longer. "Dammit, why can't I get a break?" He muttered to no one in particular as he realized the individual was not swimming themselves back up for air. If they couldn't swim... the admiral hadn't come for swimming but he had no choice. He tossed his weapons beside the already discarded but dry book before he launched himself off the end of the dock. He couldn't have lived with himself if that might have been a person who he let drown in his sight. He swam straight out to the spot in which he had seen the person land. He was a strong swimmer thankfully. Chris took a deep breath before he dove under the water, reaching his hand out as he saw the woman in the water. Admiral Pike pulled his arm around her, pulling her up to the surface with him. He gasped for breath before starting to pull her through the water and back toward land. He was thankful, then, that he had been there in that moment.

"You're okay. You'll be okay, I got you." Pike insisted to the woman as she gained consciousness, keeping a tight hold despite the flailing attempts to keep herself afloat. Dodging less than graceful arms while swimming was a difficult task but the man made it work. He couldn't fault her even for the one time her arm connected with his head. He cringed, but found his feet on the sand as the water got shallower toward the shore. "Relax... please... I won't let you drown I promise." He near begged as he stood and pulled her back and out of the water in the sand next to the dock he'd previously been on. As soon as the female was safely on land he dropped to sit on the ground beside her. Not from exhaustion but just done... and honestly worried for her.

tag: The Lovely Enterprise
notes: Captain Pike to the rescue!

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