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 ashes of eden, mckenzie's shippers - redux!
Clint Barton
 Posted: Dec 22 2016, 04:58 PM
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I never opened myself this way, life is ours, we live it our way, all these words I don't just say, and nothing else matters. Trust I seek and I find in you, every day for us something new, open mind for a different view, and nothing else matters. Never cared for what they say, never cared for games they play, never cared for what they do, never cared for what they know, and I know! So close, no matter how far, couldn't be much more from the heart. Forever trusting who we are and nothing else matters.
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01. ben finn
Meet Ben Finn, Albion's resident heartthrob extraordinaire. This Captain of the Albion Guard has had more than his fair share of lovers over the years, but that started to change when he met one Stella Beck, now the queen of Albion. Ben had already cut back to more flirting and less dancing, if you know what we're getting at, but there's some truth to the rumors you may here flying around about these two. Other than that leg of his reputation, Ben's quite the fighter and, admittedly, flirting isn't the only smooth talking he can do. You can tell him to shut up if you want; it's just very unlikely to actually work.

Friends. Ben is actually pretty easy to get along with and he sports a very healthy sense of sass and snark, so if you're looking for a friend that can kick ass, take names, and offer you a sense of humor along the way, you've got a good shot at it in Ben. Speaking of shots, he's also a strong marksman and a loyal bastard, so he makes for a strong ally to have on the battlefield. Don't let his outward demeanor fool you into thinking he doesn't really care too much about anything - he might give off that impression, but, deep down, he does truly care. He may not be the most forward with expressing his deeper emotions, but you can count on him to be there even in trying times. Loyalty and trust mean something to him and he won't betray them easily.

Enemies. Ben can also be a bit of an ass at times. He's stubborn, he's got a loud mouth - it's all in his genetic code. He's also a Captain in the Guard so most criminals (with an emphasis on "most," as there are exceptions, not that he's going to tell you that if you don't already know) and maybe even some fellow Guards who get annoyed with his shit can fall into the category. To namedrop some notable people, he still isn't all that settled with Logan for executing Major Swift while he was still in power and he very much does not get along with Reaver, who is even more of an annoying ass than Ben. Ben is capable of holding grudges and when he's mad, he's mad. His loyalty is fierce; if you go after those he cares about, he can and will come at you with everything that he's got.

Lovers. Ben has a long history of fancies and keeping company for lonely nights, but there is a relationship or two tucked away in his backlogs and he hasn't acted quite that way in a small while now. Certainly, he's still flirted openly with many in recent years, but he does actually have his heart set pretty completely on someone now. Society may not approve entirely of them, but this Captain has his heart set on his Queen and his Queen's heart is set on her Captain. The heart will want what it wants.

albion guard

02. caspian herrera
Meet Caspian Herrera, a blacksmith born in the City of Aurora, Caspian moved to the mainland shortly after his home city was fully restored as part of Aurora being accepted as a part of the kingdom of Albion to seek out a fresh start. The Darkness took the lives of his wife and their young daughter, a loss he is still feeling today, though he has certainly improved from the time shortly after their deaths. He works on both practical and artistic applications of his blacksmith skills, working on weapons and other tools and also creative designs. He was once known as one of Aurora's greatest blacksmiths.

Friends. Caspian is the quiet, soft-spoken, and observant sort, so it's easy to think that he probably blends into the background more often than not, but he is also a man of a compassionate and helpful nature. He's a more unlikely candidate for initiating a conversation, but he will carry one out when presented with one. He doesn't mind repairing weapons or tools or helping point a lost soul in the right direction if need be. He has even considered offering guide services to those wishing to explore his homeland of Aurora as the endless sands of the deserts can quickly render one lost even if they are familiar with the area. Plus, it is not the most forgiving area in the kingdom. Long story short, if you want to befriend Caspian, all you have to do is get him talking and a little patience will do the rest.

Enemies. Caspian does not often go as far as declaring hatred of anyone or anything. His biggest thing is looking out for the people he cares about. As someone who has experienced loss before, he's very careful about who he lets into those coveted positions and he will be very protective of them. He'll fight for them quicker than he will anything else.

Lovers. Caspian is still hurting over the loss of his wife, who was also his best friend, and there young daughter, so he hasn't really been looking for another relationship and I don't that's going to change any time soon, but this category is certainly open. Someone seeking to capture his heart would probably do best to move things slowly and earn his trust as a friend first before moving on to a romantic relationship. He will need patience and understanding as well as someone he trusts he can count on to be his strength when his own fails.


03. chato santana
Meet Chato Santana, otherwise known as El Diablo or simply "Diablo," granted that he doesn't really go by either of those latter names now that he's here in Albion. The portal that brought him here actually saved him from being killed in a bomb explosion and the world of Albion has offered him a second chance at life as his previous one at home was far from sunshine and rainbows. He is an individual with pyrokinetic abilities, able to create and shape fire from his hands. He is very conservative about his powers as they have hurt people he cared about before. In his new life here in Albion, he has begun working at the Bowerstone Shelter and Orphanage, helping to take care of the kids there.

Friends. Chato isn't the most trusting of beings; he's someone more likely to stick with those he already knows rather than going out and seeking new connections. He does, however, care very much for the children he sees and helps at the orphanage, and two of his friends from home, Harley Quinn and Rick Flag, are also here in Albion. Harley is very largely responsible for his getting out, so if you know her, you might have a better chance than most at knowing of Chato. He is a very calm and steady man, more of a listener than a talker.

Enemies. Chato is not someone you want to try to use for your own purposes and he's also not the first person you want to go about angering. He isn't on the greatest of terms with his pyrokinetic abilities, so if you set out to use him as some sort of weapon because of them, he's not going to respond with open arms. He has, however, warmed up, no pun intended, to the idea that he can, in fact, control them better than he perhaps believed he could and he has used them to defend his friends before. While more of a pacifist, he wouldn't be beyond doing it again if he had to. He is also a former gang leader, so he isn't exactly a defenseless lamb. Don't mistake him as weak or cowardly just because he prefers to avoid the fights that he can.

Lovers. Chato more or less resigned himself to be alone until he died until he was pulled for Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad and ended up slowly, but surely trusting his fellow Squad members and coming to call them friends, so love hasn't been in the works for him since he lost his wife in children in the fire that he started. There may or may not be something in the works in this department, so we shall see what happens. <3


04. clint barton
Meet Clint Barton, one of the top marksmen in the entirety of his home world and time specializing in the use of a bow and arrows. He was active as an agent of SHIELD as well as part of the Avengers Initiative, actively fighting in the Battle of New York just shortly before he was plunged into Albion. He has a notable knack for trouble, but a keen set of eyes, so if you need a sniper on your side, you might wanna look this archer up.

Friends. Clint is stubborn, snarky, occasionally even moody, but he's loyal to a goddamned fault. He might annoy the shit out of you complaining about a paper cut for hours on end, but he can also be a pretty selfless bastard. He isn't overly forward with his emotions, but he also isn't completely reserved. Trust is a huge factor for him and his behaviors will depend largely on who his company is. By far, his closest friend is Natasha Romanoff; she knows him better than anyone, maybe even himself at times. He'll never trust anyone quite like he does Natasha, but he's also a good partner for a few rounds of drinks and some monster hunting. Just make sure you pack a lot of potions. The trouble-prone son of a bitch already has a more than extensive medical history on his SHIELD files...

Enemies. With his fierce sense of loyalty also comes a fierce protective streak. He may have his own way of showing that he cares for different people, but, at the end of the day, he's not afraid to put his own ass on the line for people he cares about and causes he believes in. Clint Barton is no stranger to making enemies, starting out when he was still quite young and all but making a career out of it when SHIELD hired him on. You don't work for a spy agency and with a group of superheros without making enemies.

Lovers. Clint is certainly not romantic novel material, at least not in the real traditional sense. There's not a lot about his life that is very traditional, after all, but he is in love, even if he's conflicted about it, even if he's scared he'll ruin the most important friendship he's had since his brother when he was younger. Nothing about his relationship with Natasha Romanoff was supposed to happen like it did. He was supposed to kill her, not take her on as his partner in SHIELD nor befriend her and he sure as hell wasn't supposed to fall for one of the deadliest assassins the world had ever seen. But, spoiler, he did. He's told her that he is sure, but he never got a straight answer from her and he promised he wouldn't press her about it. He knows her too well; getting deep into emotions isn't her thing and the last thing he wants to do is hurt her, but it's hard for him to ignore, to speak the utter truth. He's promised he'll try to, for her sake, but he's not quite sure just how long he'll be able to actually keep that promise. It's one he knew he was bound to break from the start.

bounty hunter
it's complicated

05. fendrel sadon
Meet Fendrel Sadon, an Albion native who really hasn't had that great of a life. He's a very conflicted individual, living on an upbringing where he was left to fend for himself and was never really shown any love. It's really no wonder that he fell into the criminal world of the kingdom, rising to become an assassin as he grew into his adulthood. It's something that brings him a lot of inner conflict, but it's just about the only thing he knows how to do. Over the years, he has become selective with his clients and contracts, trying to avoid taking jobs that needlessly spill innocent blood. Of course, no one is completely innocent, but he refuses to kill for just anyone and anything. A criminal with some morals... Who would've thought, right?

Friends. Fen honestly leads a rather lonely life, not that he'd admit it to many. His main friend is fellow assassin Scarlet Frost, whom he appreciates as someone who can understand where he's coming form and also someone who shares his work ethics. They met through their work and, while their friendship was unexpected, it was a welcomed occurrence. He definitely needs more friends, people he can begin to trust and feel comfortable with. Ultimately, he needs people that can get him out of the life that he's in and into some sort of alternative.

Enemies. Fen has plenty of areas where these could come into play, mostly from his work. The Guard doesn't tend to take too well to criminals and I'd definitely be open for families or rivals or pissed off clients coming into play in this section looking for revenge or a little justice in their own hands. He isn't much of a talker himself, but he can get defensive and protective of those he cares about if the situation arises.

Lovers. Fen honestly isn't all that sure of what "love" really is. He didn't have a whole lot of it when he was young from his family and he hasn't done a whole lot of exploring it romantically, but I think it could be good for him to find someone. I'm leaving this wide open for someone to take up as someone who could help steer him on the right track or maybe someone who might get controlling about using Fen's skills for some less than moral means because either way would bring feels and those rock. ;3


06. jacob frye
Meet Jacob Frye, the younger twin brother of Evie Frye and originally from Crawley, UK. He is definitely the more trouble-prone of the Frye twins and the action to his sister's more planning demeanor - he can often act before entirely thinking through the whole big picture, but he knows it and he's doing his best to work on it. He was a member of the London Brotherhood of Assassins, but, since he's been thrown into Albion, he has joined his sister in establishing a chapter of the Brotherhood here, teaching some capable recruits about the Creed and what it takes to become an Assassin.

Friends. Jacob is stubborn and carries with him constantly a healthy sense of snark, sass, and sarcasm. He's a loyal soul though, so, even if he does affectionately annoy you at the best of times, he will do what he can when you need him. He is actually fairly easy to get along with and I promise all of his teasing and jest is just that. Honestly, if he uses that, there's a good chance you can consider him a friend.

Enemies. On the other hand, Jacob is not a man who's bad side you want to be on. He despises being betrayed or used and he will also strongly oppose anyone who puts children in harm's way. His sister and him may have had their disagreements and even confrontations about the differences in their methods, but don't mess with her. Damn the circumstances, he'd do just about anything and everything to make sure you paid for it. He's not a fan of people who use others to further themselves in general, so you're more likely to receive his disliking and a more brutal sense of his sassy sarcasm if you're someone like that. He also doesn't really get along with authority all of the time and I can see Jacob just rubbing some people the wrong way because he's Jacob. He's got that trouble gene in his blood. What else can I say?

Lovers. Jacob can be a smooth talker, but he hasn't exactly been quick to consider an actual relationship with someone. He swings both ways as bi, but, even if he does flirt, he isn't really the type to bed someone just for the hell of it. That all being said, you're probably going to need some patience to actually worm your way into his heart and someone who's willing to "play the game" with him, so to speak, probably has better chances at catching his attention. In other words, if you can take what he throws at your face as a friend and throw it right back at him just as good, you'll likely at least make a friend out of him.


07. logan black
Meet Logan Black, the elder brother of Queen Stella and the former king of Albion turned prince after Stella boosted him from the throne in the first Battle for Albion. Many still absolutely despise him for what he did in an attempt to prepare Albion for the attacks of the Darkness and the Crawler, but, in truth, Logan is actually still a benevolent soul. He knows what he did was not exactly right nor the most desirable, but, at the time, it was the only options he felt he had. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, after all.

Friends. These are, admittedly, few and far between. He's mended the broken bridge with his sister, but she's his sister, so that almost doesn't really count for this category. Otherwise, his only true friend is Briar. She stood by his side through everything leading up to the Battles and remains with him now and he will never be able to properly express how much that means to him even now. I'd say his best shots at gaining new friends are probably from the newer displaced souls since they haven't been around too long and therefore wouldn't have all of the talk from the kingdom to rush them into making an opinion of him before they've really met him, but he is, of course, open for friends from all walks. He needs them, after all.

Enemies. More than he cares to count, quite frankly. Most of the kingdom hates his guts for what he did and he honestly doesn't blame them. He's kinda been just hanging low as prince though he certainly hasn't skipped town. He still lives at the castle and helps out where he's needed and where he can. Other than that, he makes enemies out of the various beasts and monsters on monster hunting excursions.

Lovers. It only took the world almost ending, literally, and then some more time for them to actually come out with it, but Logan is happily taken and very much in love with Briar-Rose Fontaine.


08. rick flag
Meet Rick Flag, a man said to bleed red, white, and blue, like DC's own Captain America, only without all the super-soldier stuff. He's really not. He's just a super badass colonel from the United States military and then Amanda Waller went and plucked him to become the leader of her Suicide Squad. He was reluctant at first because they were all criminals, but, admittedly, most of them have grown on him.

09. theresa
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10. toothless attaway
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