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 If We're Lost Then We Are Lost Together
Natasha Romanoff
 Posted: Dec 30 2016, 01:34 PM
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Clint took the subject change in stride and Natasha felt herself relax. Everything would be easier if they focused on the mission; easier, more comfortable, more familiar. If they could work together like they always had then she could convince herself that everything was fine between them. Nothing had to change, they could be as they always were. Why complicate things?

“I can't make any sense of it,” she said after a moment. “Why bring people here just to set them loose? Wouldn't you bring them here for a reason?” She shook her head. Kidnappers took people and kept them, they didn't remove them from one place to set them free in another. What purpose could that serve? “If it was only people from our world I could see maybe an impending invasion, but there are other worlds too.”

No matter how hard she thought about it she always came back to the same place: nowhere. She was a very logical person, and never did anything without a good reason nor without thinking it through first. She didn't deal well with things that didn't seem to follow any logical path.

tag: Clint Barton location: Road from Bowerstone notes: sigh

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