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Aug 18 2016, 01:16 PM
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dark twisted fantasy

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turned into reality

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This place was honestly creepy. Some forests looked fine in the mist and fog, but these were just... not. It was as though the trees held their breath, watching the woman as she made her way quietly through them, the dense mist concealing who knows what...

<p>Serana wasn't afraid. It would take more than a dark forest to scare her, and the shade-- It was late evening, she was pretty sure-- was welcoming. Whatever twisted fate had dropped her here seemed to have found it amusing to drop her off in the middle of a treeless field at noontime. She'd survive of course, but it wasn't particularly pleasant.

<p>Anyway, that really didn't matter now. Now she'd best keep her eyes open for anything that could be lurking and try to go in a reasonably straight line. Without stars or something to guide her, she knew that it was easy to go in circles. A chill ran down her spine as she walked, the twisted place and the fact that she was alone just making things worse. Alright, so maybe she was a little bit nervous, what of it? She wasn't going to cowardly flee or anything.

<p>She heard a footstep somewhere in the woods-- undeniably, a footstep. She stopped, and then could hear breathing. Oh, how wonderful... Ninety percent sure it wasn't someone friendly, she readied spells for use.

<p>And was attacked, instantly. <b>"Damn!"</b> she yelled, tumbling back as a claw struck him. The creature that attacked her had to be one of those 'balverines' she had heard about. It really seemed familiar to one of Skyrim's werewolves, but she didn't take time to contemplate its appearance before impaling it with an ice spike and quickly backing it up. Another snarl sounded nearby. Dammit, there were two-- at least.

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Aug 12 2016, 06:10 AM
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<table><td><div class="app-bar"></div></td><td><div class="app-title">Lady Serana of the Volkihar</div></td></table>
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<b>tw: rape, murder, death</b>
<p>Born during the early Second Era to the current Lord of Castle Volkihar, Harkon, and his wife Valerica, young Serana was doted upon by her parents, despite rarely leaving the castle and the surrounding area. She had a very sheltered childhood, kept away from all manner of danger outside. At the age of fifteen, her parents became followers of the daedric prince Molag Bal, gradually creating a cult among the Volkihar household.
Serana herself followed her parents' path-- what else could she do, she adored them-- but as time passed her father's focus turned more to power than to his family. The change was subtle at first, but it lead to Harkon's murder of thousands in order to catch the eye of Molag Bal, followed by giving his wife, and his daughter to the Daedra in a ritual on his summonning day.

<p>Before she herself was violated, she watched it happen to her mother, and was nearly certain that they would both be dead-- but, miraculously, and barely, they survived the ritual, becoming pureblood vampires known as 'Daughters of Coldharbour.' The ordeal was quite traumatizing, but Serana chose to treat her vampirism as a mark of her own strength and ability to endure, to think of it as a gift, and not to dwell on the memory of how she obtained it too much. The strategy worked, though she has retained an unease with shrines and temples and no desire whatsoever to marry or enter into a sexual relationship.

<p>Some time after she and her family became vampire lords, Harkon discovered the Tyranny of the Sun prophecy, and his desire for more and more power increased over time. Serana remained close to Valerica, who fed her bad opinions of Harkon, until her parents' struggle became so intense that she could barely deal with living there.

<p>In the late Second Era, Valerica approached her and told her that Harkon's obsession with the prophecy was a danger to them-- though she never mentioned why-- and took her to Dimhollow Crypt with an Elder Scroll to hide her. Serana remained in a dormant state, asleep inside an obelisk-type structure in the crypt for a thousand years before being freed.

<p>Once freed and caught up with the events, she set about unravelling the prophecy and thwarting her father's plans to use her as a sacrifice 'for the good of the family'. Up until the end, when she realized that there was no other way, she tried to hold out hope that her family could be repaired. But at last, she came to accept that the only way to stop Harkon was to kill him.

<p>After his death, and with the danger of the prophecy out of the way, Serana once again moved on. A new respect for humans had taken root in her, and she now tries her best to keep as much peace between humans and vampires as possible-- even if that sometimes means coming up against her own kind.

<p>The portal was a bit surprising, but Serana is used to madness. She's sure she'll be able to adapt, and, though no longer in Tamriel, she's optimistic that she can make this new world into a home of some sort.


<p>As could be expected from anyone who has spent the last thousand years or so locked in a crypt, Serana is a complicated individual. Because of the conflict and her rough past, she's still very uncertain about her true desires-- now that Harkon is dead, she knows that what she wanted most (for her family to be together again) is completely unattainable.
<p>Serana has a sharp tongue, and can seem sarcastic, abrasive, and defensive, but if she is shown compassion and understanding she will warm up to you and give way to her need and desire for true friendship. Though she may not be quite certain of it herself, Serana wants to be cared for and important to someone, for a reason other than power or prophecies. While initially closely guarded around strangers and acquaintances, once she's more comfortable she will open up a lot.

<p>Generally not very violent, Serana will not hesitate to be the first to strike if she feels threatened, or if what or who she cares about is threatened. She doesn't have too much of a care for laws or morals outside her own, and tries to find the best and most practical path to improve the situation instead. This can make her a bit difficult to get along with.

<p>Though she's sometimes abrasive, she's very friendly and seeks companionship, and willing to compromise when possible and reasonable-- though very stubborn and determined when she needs to be. As many hardships as she's suffered throughout her life, she tries not to be too pessimistic about her past, considering what's done is done and can't be undone, and even though it sometimes hurts it's best to put it behind you and look to the future.


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