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Dec 13 2016, 03:44 PM
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He was fairly certain that it wasn't a good thing to feel as lost as he did, but there was nothing he could do to help it. He tried to stay optimistic, really, he did, but with no one else to distract him from what was starkly lacking from his life, it was getting harder by the day.<p>

The male was starting to feel torn between his desire for contact, for some sort of connection with someone here that would maybe offer at least a small patch to the gaping hole he felt in his heart without Hiccup at his side and the urge to push just about everyone away because they wouldn't understand and they weren't Hiccup.<p>

They weren't his best friend.<p>

With a defeated sigh and a hint of a whimper, Toothless rested his chin on his folded arms that were settled upon folded up legs tightly tucked against his chest and looked sadly upon the streets of the Market ahead as he sat huddled against the wall of the building in the small little alley sort of opening formed between it and the building beside it. His eyes tightly after just a brief moment.<p>

This wasn't enjoyable anymore, not in the slightest. He just wanted to go home, back to where things were the way they should be and he was done with this being human crap. He was a dragon! He should be back at Berk with Hiccup, where he was needed...<p>

Where he belonged.<p>

He blinked his eyes open again and once more stared out into the streets. He should really find some sort of shelter or a way to provide for himself. No one wanted to take on the burden of looking after someone who looked old enough to know how to provide for themselves, but actually barely knew the first damn thing about surviving in this new, strange place, but he couldn't force the motivation into himself and he honestly didn't want to try. His limbs felt heavy and a refusal to move settled in quickly.<p>

Unless he found a reason to do otherwise, he was pretty sure he was just going to sit here for a while.<p>

Another soft sigh passed from his lips as he shifted slightly, leaning his head against the wall beside him, gaze growing distant as he stared at the ground just in front of his feet unseeingly. He wondered yet again what Hiccup was thinking, how things were back home...<p>

He missed them all: Hiccup, Valka, Astrid, Stormfly... Gods, did he ever miss home...


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<div class="temp_notes">as the seasons change, remember how i used to be</div>

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Sep 3 2016, 07:59 AM
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After he'd parted ways with the redheaded Natasha, Toothless had found himself lingering in Bowerstone. He'd wandered through the different areas of the city, yes, but he found himself hesitant to leave. He'd understood why his companion from the woods had had to leave; she had her own business to go about here in this new world and he respected that. She needed a way to make a living, some way to survive while she established herself here and went about whatever matters she had to attend to now that home was so unimaginably far away.<p>

He himself didn't have much. He had the clothes on his back and a dwindling, very small supply of currency given to him by the couple that had taken him in. The small amount hadn't been meant for how far he was trying to stretch it, but what could he really say when it was his own damn fault for wandering off?<p>

But even in the city full of people, Toothless felt lonely. The brief company he'd had with Natasha after he'd come across her in the forest had been nice, even if it had been a little awkward and had been destined from the start to end, at least for the moment, once they got back into Bowerstone. He was struggling more than he would've liked to admit with the stark, cold lack of familiar comforts.<p>

It was hard when his mind kept going back and forth from telling himself that he'd manage just fine, he had to, to thinking about things like that. He missed a sense of a home, of shelter, of belonging, of friendship.<p>

Speaking of friends, he missed Hiccup. Even when their friendship had been just budding, the world had seemed so much less complicated than it did now...<p>

He began lightly digging the toe of one shoe into the dirt before his gaze wandered back up to his surroundings. His aimless wandering through the city had at least started to give him a sense of direction within its limits.<p>

Wait. Toothless had to do a double take, his gaze snapping back to a face that caught his attention.<p>

It couldn't be... Could it?<p>

For a few moments, all the male could do was stare with soft shock.<p>

He'd be damned if that wasn't his Hiccup.<p>

Without any further thought, Toothless sprinted forward and tackled his best friend squarely to the ground. "Hiccup!" Sheer happiness filled the familiar syllables and Toothless was grinning when he looked down at his friend underneath him.<p>

He had entirely forgotten that the chances of Hiccup recognizing him here were slim to none, but it hadn't really occurred as important enough to his brain for it to be at the forefront of his thoughts.<p>

All that mattered was that this was his friend, he was here! Despite all the odds and chances, it was his Hiccup!


notes: omfg, he's so fucking precious


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<div class="temp_notes">i'm goin' back to my roots</div>

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Jul 13 2016, 01:57 PM
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Meet Toothless, literally formerly a dragon, Toothless hails from a place called Berk, or that was the place he called home, at the very least. The portal that brought him into Albion transformed him into the human you see here today. As you could imagine, the transformation is hardly going to be a smooth process. With his previous exposure to humans, Toothless does possess a pretty decent basic handle on the English language, but he won't understand everything and, never having the same voice capabilities as a human before, he can't really communicate clearly, so he's more or less mute for the time being.<p>

One thing that hasn't changed in the slightest is his curious personality, so, while his Albion home has become Driftwood, as that was where his portal dropped him off and where he was taken in by a couple sympathetic to the seemingly lost young man, he's bound to wander around.<p>

And likely get lost and not find his way home again very easily or not exactly try to do it very fast because Albion is quite large and he likes to explore. Plus, not being able to speak or write makes it a little difficult to just ask for directions.<p>

Friends. I admittedly entirely believe that, for the time being, Toothless making friends will kind of be the equivalent of him attaching himself to people for at least a few days and following them around like an annoying, but adorable and lovable lost puppy because he kinda has no sense of direction in this new world, obviously, and anyone willing to tolerate him will basically be accepted as someone he has a decent, good relationship with. He might be a little wary to trust when first meeting people though, but usually, as long as you're not threatening him or those he cares about, he's pretty alright and he makes for a fiercely loyal and protective companion. That's at least the base lines; I'm not entirely sure just how he'll react since everything's still kind of a learning process for him.<p>

Enemies. His curiosity and potential to just hang around even if you don't really want him there is probably the two things that'll annoy people with him, but a bat on the hand or a general scold should be enough to catch his attention. Again, I'm not entirely sure how his interactions will be, so, while I don't have any solid ideas in this category, minus anything you might do that makes him feel threatened or feel that you're threatening something or someone he has decided he cares enough about to protect, this category is, of course, open!<p>

Lovers. As a dragon said to be the offspring of "lightning and death itself," I'm pretty sure Toothless has little to no experience with love beyond the platonic form. The majority of his life was focused on survival and then his main relationships were the friendship kind, but, again, this is definitely open! A new world with new possibilities, right?


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and fish, your useless reptile



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Jul 12 2016, 02:30 PM
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McKenzie. PM or Aim. EST.

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Toothless Attaway

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<div class="app-intro3">Matthew Daddario</div>

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<table><td><div class="app-bar"></div></td><td><div class="app-title">Toothless</div></td></table>
<div style="overflow: auto; height: 370px; margin-top: 5px;">Albion has trolls, Hobbes, mercenaries, and various other undesirables. Where Toothless comes from?<p>

Well, they had dragons. Odd name for a human, Toothless, isn't it? He wasn't a human at all when he got it is likely the reason why. Toothless was, you guessed it, a dragon. He was a type of dragon considered to be one of the rarest and most dangerous. Black as night, fitting the name, Toothless was a Night Fury, a dragon classified in the Strike Class by the Vikings that also occupied his home. His original relationship with the Vikings was one of hostility, of fear on both parts. Toothless was a dragon, the kind that destroyed the villages and food supplies of the Vikings and, in turn, the Vikings attacked and killed dragons, but one particular Viking managed to change everything.<p>

Yes, not just the life of Toothless, but of all dragons around Berk.<p>

His history with Hiccup begins when the young viking shot him out of the sky with one of his inventions one night when dragons were attacking Hiccup's village of Berk. Toothless, although he had not stole livestock or food, had been shooting down the catapults the vikings were using to defeat the other dragons that were attacking them.<p>

Hiccup's contraption took Toothless out of the sky and landed him tangled up just beyond Raven Point, outside of Berk. Since no one had believed him when he said he'd shot a Night Fury and hit it, Hiccup went looking for him and originally had plans to kill Toothless to prove to his father that he was capable of being a real Viking. Hiccup ended up not killing him, and instead cut him free when he saw how scared Toothless was. Toothless responded by pinning Hiccup to the ground, staring intently at him for several long moments before roaring loudly in his face and leaping off in an attempt to take flight to flee, but Toothless had been crippled when he was taken down - his left tail fin had been taken off when Hiccup shot him out of the sky.<p>

Toothless ended up being trapped in a small cove. There was a pond where he could attempt to fish, but he was unsuccessful in his attempts. With half of his tail missing, Toothless was unable to fly away, and Hiccup found him like this and began to observe him. When Hiccup dropped his pencil, Toothless heard it and saw the young Viking watching him, but didn't take any action against him.<p>

When Hiccup later returned, Toothless had positioned himself on a rock to wait for him. He didn't attack when Hiccup came, but he did growl at the young man, his hostility having a lot to do with distrust and uncertainty about Hiccup's intentions. When he got Hiccup to drop his dagger, Toothless dropped his hostility. Hiccup had brought him fish, and Toothless, being hungry, was happy to accept the treat when Hiccup offered a fish out to him. Originally, Toothless had appeared toothless, hence his name, but through this encounter, Hiccup learned that Toothless actually had retractable teeth that he could put into use when needed. Toothless lunged forward and took the fish from Hiccup, swallowing it rather quickly before looking hopefully for more. He eagerly approached Hiccup, and, when the Viking said he had no more, the dragon regurgitated half of his fish in order to share with him. With Hiccup's original hesitation, Toothless sat back and watched him expectantly and even attempted to smile when Hiccup took a bite of the fish and smiled at him.<p>

That was when Hiccup attempted to touch him for the first time. With a snort and a slight flash of his former upset side, Toothless shook his head and made the short flight he could manage to the other side of the cove. The Viking attempted one more time when Toothless laid down before Toothless looked back at him with a disproving expression and retreated to sleeping hanging from a tree. After several hours of proper rest, Toothless awoke once again to discover that Hiccup was still in the cove with him. Curious when he saw the young human scratching a drawing in the dirt, Toothless wandered over to him and looked at the boy's work over his shoulder, seeing that Hiccup was drawing Toothless himself. Inspired, Toothless stood and headed off, pulling up a small tree to use as his own stick for drawing, Toothless began to draw. When he was finished, Toothless tossed aside his tree and sat down to admire his work with a confused Hiccup in the middle. It was a maze, and Toothless growled whenever Hiccup stepped on one of the lines and was pleased when the young boy picked up on that he was to step in the areas created by the lines to travel through the maze. This led Hiccup to stand right in front of Toothless, who looked at him for a few moments before Hiccup attempted to touch him again, causing Toothless to growl softly in a sign that he wasn't fully pleased with the move until Hiccup closed his eyes and looked away. Toothless hesitated a moment longer before closing his eyes and pressing his face against the boy's hand. When Toothless opened his eyes again to see Hiccup looking hesitantly back at him, he pulled away, snorted, and moved off once more.<p>

Hiccup then set to work to design a new tail fin for the downed Night Fury between his training back at the village. Hiccup had to redesign the tail fin many times, but each test brought Toothless closer to him until they became great friends. Then, one day, Hiccup accidentally led Astrid into the cove where Toothless was and Toothless was hostile towards her, assuming that she was a threat and he needed to defend his friend. It is only through Hiccup's words that Toothless eventually clams down, although he remained skeptical of Astrid since she still hadn't show full confidence in him and believed him to be the threatening one. Hiccup convinced her to let him show her how Toothless really was, but Toothless was not about to let her comments go without a little payback, so he took the two teens on a wild ride before Astrid apologized and he finally flew peacefully, taking the pair high up into the clouds on a beautiful aerial tour around Berk and its closest areas. It is also on this flight that the trio learned of where the nest of all the dragons were, which was what the Vikings had been looking for so that they could stop the attacks on the village.<p>

That plus the test in the arena with a Monstrous Nightmare for Hiccup put a strain on what to do with Toothless as Hiccup feared that Toothless would be killed if his father were to be told about the nest. Sure enough, when Hiccup attempted to show the village what dragons were really like, the fight went terribly wrong when the Monstrous Nightmare Hiccup had been with in the arena was threatened by Hiccup's father yelling for the fight to stop and slamming his hammer against the bars surrounding the arena and became hostile again. Toothless heard his friend in distress all the way from his cove, a testament to his finely-tuned hearing, and rushed to help his friend, which led to his capture.<p>

Hiccup's father used Toothless to get to the nest, and the following battle proved to be just what Hiccup had warned his father it would be, which was more than they were expecting because of a dragon called the Red Death. Hiccup had been left back at Berk with the other teens that had been learning to fight dragons with him while he was helping Toothless, and he had convinced them to ride the school dragons with him to free Toothless and help the other vikings win the fight against the Red Death. With the help of Hiccup's father, Toothless was freed and then the bonded pair take to the sky to defeat the huge dragon that was behind the other dragons' relentless attacks on Berk. Hiccup used Toothless's black camouflage and plasma blast shooting abilities to do what Toothless had done earlier to a small Terrible Terror who had tried to steal his fish - use the Red Death's fire against her by shooting a plasma blast into its open mouth to ignite the gas the dragon was using to breath its own fire. The plan worked in the end, although Toothless's tail fin was burned up by the fire and Hiccup got knocked off of him. Toothless narrowly managed to save his friend from getting killed in the encounter by grabbing him and protecting him with his own body. Even with this done, Hiccup did lose a foot from the fight, but Gobber helped both Toothless and Hiccup adapt the system Hiccup had been flying Toothless with to fit Hiccup's new condition so the pair could keep flying.<p>

After this, Toothless and Hiccup took to exploring areas beyond Berk, which lead to him and Hiccup discovering Valka, Hiccup's mother, and a coming threat from a man named Drago, who, along with his Bewilderbeast, was taking control of the dragons through fear to build a dragon army. Through his strong bond with Hiccup, Toothless managed to challenge Drago's Bewilderbeast, making the other dragons nominate him as their new Alpha after he defeated him. Drago was left defeated, but Stoick, Hiccup's father, was killed when Toothless, who had at that time been under the control of Drago's Bewilderbeast, was ordered to kill Hiccup. Stoick got in front of Hiccup and sacrificed himself in order to save Hiccup, who, after the events were resolved, became the new chief of Berk in his father's place and had Toothless back to his old self to be with him.<p>

The dragon is now lost and confused, having been brought to Albion during a game of hide and seek he'd been playing with Hiccup. During the transport, Toothless was turned from dragon to human, but Toothless has always been an attentive, curious creature and quick to learn. His contact with humans before has assisted him in not being entirely thrown by the transformation and, while he can understand some of the English language, he is far from fluent and able to use it himself. Accustomed to communicating more through body language and sounds humans cannot create like dragons, it's still a learning experience.<p>

His history as a dragon has offered him some enhancements in human form. He still possesses an agility, strength, and speed that is slightly above that of the average human's capabilities, even with intense training. A scar wrapping around the back of his left leg is reminiscent of his missing tail fin and, if Toothless attempts hard travel for an extended period of time, a pain in his muscles can tire him and make him require rest. As a more direct reference to his past as a Night Fury, he bares a tattoo of the Strike Class symbol centered between his shoulder blades at the bottom of his neck on his back.<p>

Dropped in Driftwood by his portal, Toothless has been adopted by a shop-keeping couple for the time being, taking on their last name of Attaway to fit more with his transformation into a human, but refusing to change the name Hiccup gave him as a dragon.


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