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 New Boards/Locations & New Plot Device
The Demon Doors
 Posted: Mar 5 2016, 10:03 AM
And they lived happily ever after. With little to no cannibalism.
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It has occurred to the staff that despite the new locations that we've added to the board, members might not really know what to do with the new places. So we've decided to write up a little announcement for everyone.

To start off with, we have a past & AU board now. The cool thing about the AU is that we literally mean alternate universe. So the threads there don't actually have to have anything to do with Albion, except for the characters involved. For instance if you want to play out a plot that would have had your characters meeting in the real world before Albion, go for it. Have a thread that you had on another site and want to continue it with Lost's band of characters here? Have at it. (For instance two players are currently doing an AU version of their ship set in modern day on a cruise ship; another thread has two characters meeting during a jail break-out in modern day Toronto. None of it has anything to do with the site, nor does it have to end with them being sucked into Albion.) The threads don't have to be one-off's, and the ships and plots that are written in there can continue as long as you want them to. We just thought it would be really fun to have this place to play out plots that normally wouldn't work otherwise without having to find a different site.

Secondly we have the Northern Wastes which is a zombie-infested winter wasteland. A small group of survivors can be found here, led by Ed Lane, Kevin Wordsworth, and Harley Quinn. The name of the game here is obviously survival. There aren't many luxuries (though the portal will throw out food, weaponry, and clothing from time to time) and sun-down is when the island is plagued by monsters the most. Anyone is welcome to join the group of villagers here, but please be aware that escape is (at this time) impossible so your characters will be stuck there for some time. However, we are allowing fluid-time on this location, meaning that characters are welcome to write in other places at the same time as here, but the other locations will be considered to be happening either in the past or the future (depending on what you'd prefer). We're thinking that with more characters joining, the island will go from winter wasteland to unpredictable-weather-extreme to mix things up. So one day it'll be a million degrees heat, the next severe flooding, the next week storms and gale-force winds, etc.

A reminder that Westcliff still contains the Crucible where contestants can go to battle monsters for a chance at fame and fortune, so consider throwing your character in there for some fun. Bowerstone Market now contains the Locke Detective Agency and The Clockwork Heart, a public dance hall for those of you wishing to get your dancing shoes on. Bowerstone Castle has opened its doors for the Spring Ball, so consider going there to mingle. Wraithmarsh is a perfect place for monster-hunting for the most extreme of monster-hunters; the foes here are more deadly than anything else in mainland Albion.

Finally we would also like to let everyone know that staff have decided that the portals that have been taking characters from their own worlds and throwing them into Albion are now active within Albion itself. Example: Harley Quinn was originally on mainland Albion, however a portal swallowed her up and dumped her in the Northern Wastes. So players can now use these portals to their advantage if they want their character to end up somewhere far from home.
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